I Heart Faces: Smile



I really wasn’t planning on entering another I Heart Faces challenge this week since I still need to pack for my upcoming move this Sunday. Of course I couldn’t stay away from Facebook and saw their update that they have a new challenge… So here I am.

I captured this last summer once again at Camp Arbolado. This was one of the foreign staff from Australia, Callum and one of the campers Jakori on our out hike to Primitives. That little boy did not want to give up hanging out on Callum’s sleeping bag even though he was moved off it; and because he wanted to stay on it, Jakori decided the next best thing was to jump on Callum so he couldn’t rest. It was a hilarious site to see and glad I was able to capture part of the whole fiasco that went on.


Camp Arbolado Winter Session ♥

Here it is a new year with many changes to be expected within the next few weeks. I spent a week up at the beautiful Camp Arbolado ♥ where I get quite a bit of work done. I absolutely love photographing the children and my fellow counselors up there and being able to capture the true emotion of what was going on at that moment in time. Here are a few of my favorites as I’m still going through quite a few, ok a ton of pictures that I took last week. Enjoy :)


I Heart Faces: Best Face Photo Of 2010 Contest


I’ve been wanting to enter into more contests and art shows this coming year and see where all I can go with my photography while learning and grow as a photographer as well. To start off the year I decided to enter a I heart faces challenge. I spent a week up at my beloved home away from home, Camp Arbolado and got some amazing pictures that I had a difficult time choosing. The one I decided to go with is Devin’s:

Bittersweet Changes

Thanksgiving… Where has the year gone? These past few years have just flown by, especially this year. As the holidays are approaching,  I’m finding it a bit bittersweet and I’ve found it a bit difficult to even pick up my camera and that in itself is depressing…

There have been so many struggles and changes this past year and I couldn’t be anymore thankful for them because of the lessons they have taught me. The biggest change is coming up in January when I plan on moving back to Texas and the closer it gets, the harder it is for me to accept this change though it was mine to make. I don’t regret making the decision but at the same time I feel selfish because this move is for me and I love it more than Cali. Yes I said it! I love Texas much more than California… Sorry Bessie but it’s true haha.

I made the move to Texas May of 08 at the drop of a hat for my younger brover because he needed help and I ended up staying there for year; during that time I knew things were going to be the same when I got back and I could always go back  to a home when I wanted… This time around I won’t be as fortunate.

I don’t care for change because with it, comes a sense of loss. Since losing my mother at the age of 12, I tend to handle change a lot differently than most people (if you’re also a motherless daughter, then chances are you know what I’m talking about). These will most likely be the last holidays I’m going to be able to spend with my grammers and a good chance it’ll be my last with my father as well; and knowing that makes this upcoming change that much more difficult…

I’m extremely close with my baby brover Danny and it’s usually pretty hard for me to go any length of time over two weeks without seeing him let alone speaking to him, so I knew that was going to take a toll on me but he let me know that he wants to move back with me, that just made my day. He decided to go into a 6 month rehab program which means I can’t see him when I want which is good because it teaches us that we can’t be so dependent of one another and it’ll give me a chance to adjust back to life on the hill until he can join me.

One of the best parts about moving back to Livingston is that, if and when anything does happen to either my grammers or father, I’ll have a strong support system, something I don’t really have out here; or at least not what I would need.

I’m hoping there aren’t many more changes from now until January but at the same time I know if there are, they’re for a reason and something good will come out of it somewhere down the line and I’m able to take comfort in that much.

The first step

I’ve been debating for quite some time whether or not I should post my pictures up for the world to see and finally realized that I’m going to have to take that first step sometime if I want to go anywhere with this hobby of mine. I’ve been putting it off because I wasn’t sure if I was ready to hear people’s opinions but I know I’d have to face it one day so I figured today was as good of time as any and decided that I’m not going to let my fears determine my life.

Any advice or critiques are more than welcome, I want to continue learning this art and improving my skills.